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Helix Black Tube

The tubing innovation with integrated light protection

Reliable protection for light-sensitive fluids

Black Tube by Helix Medical Europe is the reliable light protection for your sensitive applications. Thus light-sensitive fluids are not exposed to photochemical reactions by ultraviolet light. A layer of just 1 mm allows absorption rates of more than 99.9%. Black Tube by Helix Medical Europe not only protects your application reliably. Also your production and assembly processes become leaner by abolition of additional wrapping of tubings.


Certified quality in material and production

With Black Tube by Helix Medical Europe extrusion production competence unites with material know how. The result is a unique product. The tubing’s interior is made of USP class 6 silicone. In a sophisticated production process it is surrounded by an opaque layer of silicone material. Both silicone and colour pigments of this second layer are USP class 6. By using only approved silicones and pigments and the special production process it can be achieved that fluids are only in contact with USP class 6 materials and cannot be polluted.

Black Tube is produced by Helix Medical Europe exclusively in class 8 clean rooms.

With Black Tube Helix Medical Europe as the leading one-stop-shop for medical components sets new standards in tubing extrusion.

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