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CMO-Contract Manufacturing

As a versatile medical technology contract manufacturer, we at Hemoteq have a passion for operational excellence. Benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities and extensive technological and human resources, we are able to process all your orders efficiently and with highest quality.

Our range of CMO services includes:

  • precision coating processes on customized manufacturing lines
  • scalable volume production
  • 100% lot or single unit traceability
  • 100% final inspection
  • flexible vertical integration including packaging and labeling
  • manufacture of prototypes, preclinical and clinical study devices

Hemoteq´s robust manufacturing infrastructure consists of

  • Cleanrooms class 7 acc. ISO 14644, individually controlled
  • Cytostatic safety boxes ISO class 5
  • Specialized areas for drug handling
  • In-house process and precision machinery engineering
  • ad hoc troubleshooting capabilities
  • Sophisticated, flexible ERP-MES systems
  • Analytical capabilities for IPC and QC
  • Dedicated operator and QC teams

We follow stringent quality, HSE, and operator training policies.