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Technology Platforms and Customization

Excellence through customization

Hemoteq´s coating contract development philosophy is centered on “customization platforms”, a balanced, synergistic combination of two powerful approaches – platform technologies and customization.

  1. Platform technologies: Whenever deemed appropriate, we leverage the benefits of robust coating technology platforms to ensure shortest possible time-to-market.
  1. Customization:  Our iterative optimization efforts will go as deep as required to achieve outstanding performance of your uniquely designed product.

We at Hemoteq are experts in surfaces because we go deep when it comes to customization. Whether it be a novel unique coating technology or a proven coating platform – meticulous customization is the central pillar of design excellence.

Entering a new PD project, we strive to establish the right balance between these two success factors, to make them fit your project needs best. 

A track record of almost two decades and 20+ products approved and marketed by Hemoteq´s clients underscore the success of this powerful approach. Customized to perfection.