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One-Stop-Shop for the medical industry

Helix Medical Europe KG is the one-stop-shop for components for the medical industry. The technology specialist offers a broad range of extrusion and precision moulded parts in silicone and thermoplastic. The company’s strategic markets are the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as biotech.

Helix Medical Europe’s product portfolio of extrusion parts, Helix Mark™, comprises standard silicone tubings and a variety of special solutions for specific applications. For peristaltic pumps special tubing geometries are available. The product range is completed by braided reinforced tubings, colour stripe tubings and radio opaque tubings, which allow a precise localisation within the organism. The Helix-own technology for integrating colour striping ensures that only silicone material approved for this purpose comes into contact with the environment. This ensures the highest degree of safety and purity in tubings.

As a technology specialist Helix Medical Europe also offers to its customers a variety of added value services. Thereby customer specific solutions can be put together according to individual requirements. Options are among others:

• Assembly of components to form sub-assemblies and sub-systems
• Sterilisation of parts

Electron beams (ß-, γ-sterilisation)

Steam sterilisation (autoclave)

Sterilisation with ethylene oxide (EtO)

• Packaging
• Research and development

Characterisation and analysis of materials and surfaces

Process development

Damage analysis

CAE / CAD (Computer Aided Engineering / Computer Aided Design)

Scientific Engineering (e.g. flow simulations)

Material development

In October 2010 the company launched its new website, which is especially designed for European customers. Helix Medical Europe presents its product portfolio in extrusion, precision moulded and multi-component parts as well as its innovative clean room concept which helps to achieve the upmost level of quality. Additional fields of activity like an own tool shop and surface technology are shown besides other research and development services. 
Helix Medical Europe completes its website with an user-friendly inquiry tool. Customers can submit inquiries for silicone tubings and standard precision moulded parts in the easiest and quickest of ways.

Helix Medical was founded in California in 1984 and has approx. 500 employees in the U.S., Germany and China. Since the take-over by the German Freudenberg Group the European head quarters are in Kaiserslautern. In this plant development and production facilities for the European markets are located. All Helix Medcial Europe parts are produces in class 8 clean rooms according to highest quality and certification standards DIN EN ISO 13485 (2010), DIN EN ISO 14971 (2010) and in compliance with the FDA’s cGMP.

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